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If you have synced your Contacts with third-party accounts, uncheck them. And choose to sync with only “All i Cloud.”Step #1.

One method is to synchronize all your contacts, as shown in the following figure, or you can synchronize any or all groups of contacts you’ve created in your computer’s address book program; just select the appropriate check boxes in the Selected Groups list, and only those groups will be synchronized.You won’t like that, so enable syncing one way or the other — via i Cloud or in the i Tunes Info pane.We hear from a lot of folks who have trouble syncing their i Phone Contacts with their Google Contacts.In the meantime, we’ve written up a quick guide to help you get things set up right.This entire process will take 10-15 minutes max, and it will save you a lot of confusion later. If you’re an Outlook.com, Yahoo, or Hotmail user, don’t worry – we’ll help you out in a future blog post.